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Rosina meatballs come in six varieties including its traditional Italian Style, Homestyle, Swedish, Turkey, Angus Beef, and Gluten-Free.

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Thanks to our homemade, real Italian recipe, Rosina meatballs are great-tasting and the perfect meal to serve and enjoy with family and friends. Made with only the best ingredients, and with no preservatives, Rosina meatballs are oven baked for a healthier choice, then sear-sealed to lock in taste. We freeze our meatballs at the peak of freshness so they’re farm-to-table fresh when you’re ready to prepare them. They’re easy to prepare and serve for lunch, dinner, or at your next party for your family and friends to enjoy.

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Especially for Gluten-Free Consumers

We’ve even got 100% gluten free beef meatball to accommodate the gluten intolerance of so many of today’s consumers. We use the latest technology in testing methods based on ELISA and G12 antibody technology to assure our raw materials, end products and production environment are free of gluten. The meat that is used, is delivered and grounded fresh daily and includes imported Pecorino Romano cheese and other spices.

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Looking for gluten free, 100% beef meatballs, we’ll help you find them. Contact us at 1-888-767-4621. 

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Our chefs have developed numerous great-tasting recipes for all occasions from main course to soups, salads and appetizers. Visit for easy to prepare meatball and pasta recipes to enjoy with your family and friends.

Rosina Consumer Products

Image of Italian Style
Italian Style

Fresh, authentic Italian taste. Made with premium, high-quality ingredients, just like grandma makes.

12 Oz. 26 Oz. 52 Oz.
Image of Homestyle

Made with beef, pork and chicken and the right amount of Romano cheese to create a meatball for all occasions.

12 Oz. 26 Oz. 52 Oz.
Image of Angus Beef
Angus Beef

These meatballs are 1oz. all beef meatballs made with 100% USDA Premium Angus Beef – they are truly superior meatballs made with premium ingredients.

20 Oz
Image of Gluten-Free

This is a meatball made with beef, pork and chicken. The meat is delivered and grounded fresh daily and includes imported Pecorino Romano cheese and other spices.

22 Oz.
Image of Swedish

Made with a blend of the finest beef and pork, perfectly seasoned with hints of nutmeg and allspice – Ideal for appetizers and main course meals.

12 Oz. 24 Oz.
Image of Turkey

A perfect meatball for the health-conscious customer – these meatballs are made from the finest ingredients including turkey, Romano cheese, and Italian spices.

12 Oz. 26 Oz. 52 Oz.