Pizza Toppings/Sausage

The Pizza Possibilities Are Endless

While the pizza topping possibilities are endless, try using Rosina toppings in calzones, lasagna, tacos, chili, meat sauces or your own custom creations.

Any way you want to use them – sliced or ground – Rosina pizza toppings have a fresh flavor and random appearance that looks like you prepared them to order.

Pork – seasoned to perfection, our pork toppings enhance a pizza or any dish they are used in.

Beef – our beef topping looks and tastes like you ground the beef and prepared it yourself.

Italian Sausage – ground Italian sausage looks like you squeezed it from the casing yourself.  It is a great topping for pizza, but it is versatile for use in calzones or any of your own creations.  Our sliced sausage is cut on the bias and has a random, freshly cut appearance.

Authentic Italian Sausage

Links, coil-sliced, hoagie patties, cooked or raw, we have an Italian sausage product for every foodservice application, including our one of a kind Sausage Meatballs. And they’re all as authentically Italian as the Rosina name.

Made from the finest meats and seasonings for that authentic Italian taste, Rosina sausage products will have your customers coming back for more.  If you want to serve your customers the best, serve them Rosina authentic Italian Sausage.

Cooked Authentic Italian Sausage – Rosina Cooked Italian sausage offers you the cost saving benefits of portion control and high yield, while our unique baked process makes our sausage less greasy and better tasting.

Raw Italian Sausage – made from the same quality ingredients as our cooked sausage, Rosina Raw Italian sausage allows you to cook it up fresh on site – create your own signature items with our rope sausage, links, patties or unique coil.

Foodservice Pizza Toppings/Sausage Products

Item Code Description Piece Wt. Pack Style Net Wt. Piece Ct./Case
40079 Rosina Pork Nugget Pizza Toppings - 47 To 53/Oz. 0.02 Oz. 2/5# Bags 10.00 Lbs. 8,000
40068 Rosina Pork Chunky Pizza Toppings - 10 To 16/Oz. 0.08 Oz. 2/5# Bags 10.00 Lbs. 2,080
40191 Rosina Beef Nugget Pizza Toppings - 47 To 53/Oz. 0.02 Oz. 2/5# Bags 10.00 Lbs. 8,000
40144 Rosina Italian Sausage Chunky Topping - 5 To 7/Oz. 0.057 Oz. 2/5# Bags 10.00 Lbs. 2,400
40289 Rosina Pizza Cut Italian Sausage Skin On/Hot Topping 0.2 Oz. 3/4# Bags 12.00 Lbs. 960
40062 Rosina Hoagie Sausage Patties - Raw 2.67 Oz. 1/12# Bag 12.00 Lbs. 72
40101 Rosina Hoagie Sausage Patties - Raw 2.0 Oz. 1/12# Bag 12.00 Lbs. 96