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Yield: 12 Portions

12 ea. - Foccacia* Loaf, (3” x 6”), prepared               
48 ea. - Rosina® Breaded Eggplant ¼ inch round, peeled        (48-48001-100)                            
12 ea. - Zucchini squash, cut to 6”, sliced lengthwise to ¼” thick   
12 slices - Onions, sliced to 3/8” thickness               
12 slices - Red Bell Pepper, seeded, cross-cut to ¼“ thickness       
24 slices - Green Bell Pepper, seeded, cross-cut to ¼” thickness   
 to taste - Salt, pepper, granulated garlic              
1 tbsp. - Balsamic Vinaigrette, prepared (see recipe)           
Oil, salad  (for grilling bread)


  1. Bake or fry 4 pieces of Rosina® Breaded Eggplant until heated through and breading is crisp and golden brown.  Cooking time will vary based on cooking method, hold warm.
  2. Slice Foccacia in half lengthwise to create a crown and heel.  Lightly brush cut surface with oil and place on hot grill to mark the bread, remove and hold.
  3. Season sliced vegetables with salt, pepper and garlic to taste, brush with oil and lightly grill until soft turning once about 3 – 4 minutes total grill time, hold warm.
  4. Apply balsamic vinaigrette to cut surface of crown and heel of Foccacia using a brush or squeeze bottle.
  5. Place slices of the Rosina® Breaded Eggplant, slightly shingled over the heel portion of the Foccacia.
  6. Place the grilled vegetables shingle-style over the eggplant starting with one slice of red pepper and two slices of green pepper.  Follow this with one full slice of onion distributed across the sandwich and top with the slice of zucchini.
  7. Place the crown over the zucchini and press slightly to form the sandwich.
  8. Slice in half on the bias and place on a serving plate.

(*Other Mediterranean style breads may be substituted but care must be taken with grilling due to the thickness of other breads.  Grilling is not suggested for “wrap” style sandwiches.)


¼ cup - Balsamic vinegar                       
1 cup - Salad Oil                           
1 tsp. - Garlic, fresh, minced fine                   
1/8 tsp. - Kosher salt                           
1 tsp. - Basil, dry                           
1 tsp. - Oregano, dry                           

Combine ingredients in a stainless steel mixing bowl and whip with a fine wire whip until all are well incorporated.  Reserve for service.

Yield: 1 ½ Cups