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Yield: 1 Calzone


4 ea. - Rosina® 1 oz. Traditional Meatballs, thawed, (40071)   
1½ cup - Skim Ricotta cheese                       
1/3 cup- Shredded Mozzarella cheese                   
1/3 cup - Shredded cheddar cheese                   
¼ cup - Grated Parmesan cheese                   
¼ cup - Grated Romano cheese                   
2 tsp. - Parsley flakes (dried)                       
1 tsp. - Garlic powder                           
1 tsp. - Dried basil                           
1 tsp. - Dried oregano                       
¼ cup - Minced onions                       
¼ cup - Sliced mushrooms                       
2 tbsp. - Vegetable oil                           
1 - Egg white                           
Cooking spray
1 tbsp. - Wheat germ (optional)                   


1.    Preheat oven to 350ºF.  Thaw pizza dough and let rise for an hour.
2.    Combine cheese, parsley flakes and spices in bowl.  Chill in refrigerator
3.    Slice Rosina Traditional Meatballs.           
4.    Heat oil in skillet.  Add onions and mushrooms until lightly sautéed.  
5.    Add meatballs until brown.  Drain the grease and set aside to cool.  
6.    Once dough has risen punch down once then form to make a pizza crust ½ inch thick.  
7.    Lightly spray 12 inch pizza pan with cooking spray.  Place dough on pizza pan.  
8.    Place ½ to 2/3 of cheese mixture onto ½ of pizza dough.  
9.    Put all of meatball mixture onto cheese.  
10.    Fold bare half of dough over other half, sealing with some of the egg white.  
11.    Brush top of calzone with egg white.                            Generously sprinkle wheat germ on top.  (Optional)
12.    Bake in oven for 30 minutes or until golden brown.  
13.    Cut into pieces or leave whole and dunk into favorite marinara sauce.    

* This recipe was submitted by an Erie Community College Culinary School Rosina Recipe Contest Scholarship Winner.