Rosina Generosity

Hurricane Harvey/Irma Relief

Rosina Food Products, Inc. has a history of being a good neighbor and Hurricane Harvey and Irma were no exceptions. Rosina lent a helping hand to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Irma through its partnership with the Houston Food Bank and South Florida Food Bank. We donated 25,000 meals to the Houston Food Bank to support families in need. The Houston Food bank sent their disaster services team with our products to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts on Monday, September 5th. We also donated over 80,000 meals to feeding families in south Florida that were impacted by Hurricane Irma. Rosina encouraged our fellow “Buffalo Proud” Business owners to support this critical relief effort in any way they can. While the people of these areas have a long road back, hopefully they enjoyed a hot meal, and the long-distance thoughts and prayers from a company in Buffalo called Rosina.